Become AfricTivistes

Joining AfricTivistes involves following the process outlined, which begins with filling out an application form. This form usually collects basic information about you, such as your contact details, but may also ask for detailed information about your experience and interest in the field of digital rights and politics in Africa.

After submitting your form, your application will be carefully reviewed by the AfricTivistes team. This usually involves reviewing your profile, your online activities, and perhaps other factors that demonstrate your commitment to the organization’s mission.

It should be noted that this process can be quite extensive, potentially taking between 2-4 years. This is because AfricTivistes looks for members who are truly committed to their cause, and therefore takes the time to ensure that each new member is a good fit.

Once your membership is approved, you will be notified. It is likely that you will receive a formal notification, perhaps by email or other means of communication.

If you are truly interested in the work AfricTivistes does, don’t let the lengthy application process discourage you. The commitment to an important cause is well worth the time and effort. Good luck with your application!

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