AfricTivistes Academy

AfricTivistes Academy is a repository of teaching and learning resources for citizen participation and engagement, good governance, technological innovation, civic tech and democracy. In addition to being a community for sharing knowledge and good practice, this academy dedicated to e-learning on the AfricTivistes platform responds to a public demand. Through these e-learning programmes and our interactive quizzes, AfricTivistes is exploring an innovative approach that combines Edu-Action (education, action, impact) and aligns with the values that guide our actions and our vision. Our mission is rooted in the desire to make access to knowledge and learning catalysts for participatory democracy.

The Democracy, Elections and Governance in Africa MOOC

Launched as part of the Charter Project Africa, the Democracy, Elections and Governance (DEG) MOOC, AfricTivistes is an open and massively accessible distance learning programme on the themes of democracy, good governance and elections.

The programme provides educational and teaching content on democracy, good governance, elections in Africa, citizen participation, human rights, gender, peace and security, etc.

The synchronous and asynchronous courses available free of charge on the platform are aimed at pro-democracy activists, citizens, young people from grassroots community organisations (CBOs), members of CSOs, bloggers, web activists and media professionals. It is also an alternative method available to students and, above all, adults wishing to build their skills.

In addition, the programme provides access to a number of online courses, as well as a variety of interactive educational content (videos, quizzes, FAQs and forums), enabling stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the principles of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) and the role and functioning of the African Governance Architecture (AGA).

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The Taxaw Temm! anti-bullying toolkit

The toolkit, available to Internet users on the Taxaw Temm! Aar Sunu Bopp website, is a wealth of information offering detailed advice on how to protect yourself against cyber-bullying, and in particular gender-based harassment.

Featuring 40 situations, each sheet comes with a multiple-choice question (MCQ), accompanied by an enlightening commentary to reinforce your understanding. The answers boost your confidence online.

The toolkit explores a range of topics related to cyberbullying, such as insults, blackmail, online identity theft, etc. The question-and-answer system forces learners to recall everything they know about a given topic. It stimulates their attention and commitment.

The platform offers other features such as a hotline and online assistance.

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AfricTivistes Cybersecurity OpenClassroom

Since 2017, AfricTivistes has been rolling out a series of training courses on cyber-security and responsible use of the internet to make up for the lack of digital literacy and techno-phobia. This practical and theoretical training programme is aimed at civil society media players, pro-democracy activists, professional journalists, artists and opinion leaders. After a ten-year long in-person phase, the programme is being rolled out online to make the educational content accessible to a wider audience, particularly young social media users.

The programme includes modules on how to secure your online environment, how to surf safely and anonymously, how to encrypt your data and how to secure online communication, etc.

The courses, practical exercises and situations relating to online safety and protection can be accessed free of charge by registering on the dedicated platform.

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