[Congo]Africtivistes demands the immediate and unconditional release of all activists

[Congo]Africtivistes demands the immediate and unconditional release of all activists

11 mars, 2024

On Sunday, March 15th , 2015 members of citizens’ movements in Senegal Fadel Barro, Aliou Sane, rapper Malal Talla alias Fou Malade (members of Y EN A Marre) and in Burkina Faso Oscibi Ouedraogo (Balai Citoyen) as well as Congolese artists, representatives of some youth organizations and activists Miyangu Kiakwama, Floribert Anzuluni, Ben Kelem, Franck Otete, Sylvain Saluseke were arrested by the Congolese authorities just after a press conference held at Eloko Ya Makasi, in Masina, in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These arrests came after the launch of the Filimbi citizens’ movement.

We, the network of African bloggers and e-activists, demand the immediate and unconditional release of all activists the Congolese authorities have detained since.

Learn more about the Filimbi movement:


The main objectives of FILIMBI are to increase the civic participation of young Congolese and to encourage dialogue between young people and social as well as political stakeholders. Thus, FILIMBI provides young Congolese with tools that may facilitate their civic engagement and conscientiously exercise their civic rights and duties to bring about positive change in their living environment.

FILIMBI uses these tools to move uncommitted youths from cynicism, anger and frustration that drives them to constructively criticize and positively influence the system through civic engagement and voting power. It wishes to transform the knowledge, positive energy and dynamism of young people into a direct influence on the governance system.

FILIMBI vision 

FILIMBI dreams of a Democratic Republic of Congo where actively engaged young people fully play their role as agents of change and would be part of the decision-development at all levels of the political process. A Democratic Republic of Congo where young people are no longer victims.

FILIMBI Approach

FILIMBI facilitates civic engagement of young people by making it (more attractive and accessible. Thus, through an approach that is creative and familiar to youths, FILIMBI uses knowledge, art and new technologies to promote active citizenship, by providing necessary information, tools and skills to young people for them to be actively engaged in their communities and in the democratic process.

To get there, FILIMBI can rely on a network of experts from various fields (democracy and governance, new technology, personal development, art etc.), which provides needed technical support in carrying out this mission.

FILIMBI in action

FILIMBI plans to achieve the goals it has set for itself using among others the following means:

Discussion and training workshops on various topics (citizen participation, leadership, community service, elections etc.);

Events encouraging young people to commit (citizens concerts, fairs problems, contests, citizen debates etc.);

Expand the Citizen Network

Street teams to raise awareness on civic engagement;

Publish articles and analysis;

Design and production of awareness and training materials for young people

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Members of @YENAMARRE_SN & #BalaiCitoyen movements arrested in #Kinshasa DR Congo

– @Africtivistes demands immediate release of activists from Senegal & BurkinaFaso

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