AfricTivistes Cybersecurity Open Classroom kicks off

AfricTivistes Cybersecurity Open Classroom kicks off

AfricTivistes officially launches this Friday, march 8, 2024, with over 440 learners, the Cybersecurity Open Classroom, which is an online learning programme aimed at filling gaps in cybersecurity education and overcoming technophobia.

CyberSecurity Open Classroom is a theoretical and practical online training programme for all French-speaking African citizens wishing to train in cybersecurity. The online launch will be an opportunity to discuss the programme’s objectives, courses, and learners’ expectations to enhance their cybersecurity skills.

Learners will have free access to educational content, in particular courses and exercises based on practical online security and protection situations.

For this first online edition, we have 441 learners from nearly 25 countries on the continent of different profiles including students, activists, IT professionals, media actors, and artists among others.

Lasting three (3) months, this programme includes several modules namely securing an online environment, safe and anonymous browsing, securing data and online communication, etc.

CyberSecurity Open Classroom is a significant transition from the face-to-face cybersecurity training format launched in 2017 to an online platform.

Indeed, since 2017, AfricTivistes has been providing a series of in-person training sessions on cybersecurity and responsible internet use, reaching over 1000 people across the African continent and Haiti in 2023.

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