AfricTivistes tackles presidential term limits

AfricTivistes tackles presidential term limits

26 février, 2024

In Africa, the quest for a third presidential term of office is a source of concern, and populations have often paid the price. In order to help address this, AfricTivistes launches its project “Sénégal: Un pouvoir, deux mandats” (Senegal: one regime, two terms in office)with a documentary film aimed at raising awareness on the harmful consequences of unlimited presidential terms in office.

AfricTivistes is introducing the “Un pouvoir, deux mandats” programme within a tense and unprecedented politico-social context following the indefinite postponement of Senegal’s presidential election. The main aim of the project is to help consolidate democratic values in the country, long seen as a beacon of political stability in West Africa in particular, and on the continent in general.

The documentary film “Sénégal : Un pouvoir, deux mandats“, which officially launches the project, provides an insightful reflection on political changes of power from 2000 to present day. It then focuses on the converging perspectives of the two generations (2000 change of power, 2012 change of power). It explores themes such as republican loyalty, political ethics and morality, keeping promises in politics, and constitutional reform, with a focus on Senegal’s ongoing political situation.

The project also intends to preserve the gains made in terms of freedoms, ensure respect for term limits and contribute to the liberation and securing of civic space. This is in line with the organisation’s logic of promoting these values, which engage all active forces and committed players.

The film documents the incumbent President Macky Sall’s exercise of power, while highlighting  the persistent ills that have existed since his predecessors, as well as the deterioration of cultural and democratic values since the advent of the current regime in 2012.

It also underlines the harmful effects of bad governance, and raises awareness on the consequences of the quest for a third presidential term, which often results in repression of civic space and recurrent loss of life with no apparent consequences for the perpetrators.

Three fundamental pillars have been established to implement this initiative namely respect for term limits, the liberation of civic space and the promotion of democracy.

The project also includes a white paper on term limits, an analysis of the  legal system covering the independence of the judiciary, individual and collective freedoms, the restriction of civic space, a communication campaign on democratic values and a citizens’ forum on respect for term limits.

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