AfricTivistes unveils platform against cyberharassment

AfricTivistes unveils platform against cyberharassment

21 novembre, 2023

AfricTivistes, on behalf of the #Taxaw Temm! Aar Sunu Bopp campaign, is introducing a web platform to help tackle cyberbullying. The aim of this online platform is to help promote responsible use of social networks and combat online harassment.

In August, AfricTivistes launched the national campaign #TaxawTemm! Aar Suñu Bopp, an awareness-raising and advocacy campaign against online violence, especially against girls and women in Senegal. The aim of the campaign is to combat Cyber-stalking and promote good practice in digital protection and security.

The official kick-off of the campaign consisted of a workshop for media professionals and bloggers to develop a handbook of good practices on cyber-bullying. Then followed, discussions and experience sharing on best techniques to tackle online violence during the official ceremony with various players in the ecosystem and human rights.

With the launch of the Taxaw Temm web platform during a Facebook live event organized on the same day,, AfricTivistes seeks to build awareness among Internet users of the many forms of cyber-bullying, which are not without consequences, particularly for many women and girls.

“We are also conducting this campaign to help reduce this scourge, the consequences of which are likely to limit the full participation of girls and women in the country’s development”, said AfricTivistes Programmes Coordinator Aïsha Dabo at the launch, pointing out that 65% of victims in Senegal are aged between 16 and 35 years old, and 70% of victims are female.

The aim of this platform, which is designed for a wide audience, is above all to raise awareness, prevent cyberbullying and provide support, using modern, practical features such as a service to report cyberbullying cases, a quiz to learn more about countering cyberbullying in a fun way, and a ChatBot that responds to various questions from Internet users on specific subjects.

Furthermore, this platform is designed to promote the AfricTivistes Women Cybersecurity project while also providing comprehensive content of the Taxaw Temm campaign against cyberbullying, both in real life and on the web.

By making such multimedia content available to the African public, AfricTivistes is pursuing its goal of raising awareness and providing tools for responsible use of the Internet. In the coming months, the platform will also be available in English, ensuring that the information is accessible to the whole continent.

The campaign is the last component of the AfricTivistes Women Cybersecurity project, which has trained women journalists and civil society players from Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo in digital security and hygiene, the fight against harassment and the digital audit of organisations from December 2022 to August 2023.

AfricTivistes partners that supported this campaign include Internews, the Open Society Foundation, the Personal Data Protection Commission (CDP), the Senegalese Women Lawyers Association (AJS) and the Special Cybercrime Division (DSC) of the Senegalese National Police.

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