Vote for the 10 shortlisted #Innov4Democracy innovations

Vote for the 10 shortlisted #Innov4Democracy innovations

21 décembre, 2023

Out of twenty-six (26) innovative solutions from all over Africa, ten (10) attracted the attention of the pre-selection committee of the Pan-African Digital Competition for Democracy Promotion. 

#Innov4Democracy is more than a competition. It is about celebrating and rewarding the work done in the shadows by talented young people to shape democracy at local and continental level. By organising such a contest, AfricTivistes is contributing to democratic efforts by making digital technologies appropriate responses to the continent’s challenges.

The ten (10) projects selected by the experts on the Hackathon pre-selection committee are as follows:

1. Clic Citoyen

Clic Citoyen is an initiative designed to set up a digital platform providing a virtual catalogue of Benin’s quasi-judicial institutions. Citizens whose rights have been violated or who have witnessed acts of corruption or other anti-social acts will be able to contact these institutions via this interface.

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2. Nidoroualmewaafe

Nidoroualmewaafe is an initiative aimed at empowering citizens by putting the power of data in their control. This project will enable the highest authorities to respond to the needs expressed by citizens in order to find solutions to the primary social needs of the Chadian populations.

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3. Isika

Isika is a digital grassroot participation platform in Madagascar that encourages citizens to get involved and participate by enabling them to be at the heart of the decision-making process at local level.

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4. Politc’Elles

Politc’Elles is a space where young people, and women in Benin in particular, can meet and learn about democracy, political leadership and citizen participation.

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5. CitoyenSN

CitoyenSN is an intelligent legal guide in Senegal that aims to make it easier for citizens to get instant answers about their rights thanks to a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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6. FasoBiga

FasoBiga’s key objective is to encourage young people in Burkina Faso to participate on a massive scale in the country’s democracy and future electoral processes.

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7. Jambo-Jumbe App

Jambo-Jumbe App is intended to be a transformative asset providing information to encourage local community participation in governance issues in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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8. ToonaBox

ToonaBox is a civic tech bridge between municipal leaders and citizens to facilitate decision-making processes in Togo. The application is designed to give citizens direct access to municipal information and public projects, enabling them to play an active part in the decision-making process.

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9. RatomaTech

RatomaTech is a web portal designed to make it easier for citizens of the Ratoma municipality (Republic of Guinea) to access public information relating to the management of their district, by ensuring that data is centralised to promote transparency.

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10. Young Voice Analytica

YoungVoice Analytica aspires to transcend the barriers of democratic engagement by establishing an interactive space where young citizens can not only share their ideas, but also participate in insightful debates that actively shape policy decisions.

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#Innov4Democracy is moving into its second stage with a public vote that will help decide the five (05) final winners who will share 25,000Є.

The public vote will take place from 22 December 2023 to 12 January 2024. It will represent 50% of the final Hackathon vote in 2024.

The Hackathon organising team has put in place a rigorous pre-selection process based on key criteria such as :

  • The Respect for the Hackathon’s topics;
  • The original features of the project;
  • The technical viability of the project;
  • The replicability of the project in African countries;
  • The sustainability of the project;
  • The quality of the materials submitted to the pre-selection committee;
  • The project’s impact on the advancement of democracy and good governance.

Countries of the project’s origin:

AfricTivistes received submissions from: Benin, Madagascar, Togo, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Burkina Faso and the Republic of Guinea.

About AfricTivistes

AfricTivistes is a pan-African organisation based in Dakar, federating the continent’s bloggers, change agents and web-activists to promote and defend democratic values, human rights and good governance through digital means.

Launched in November 2015, AfricTivistes is a sentinel for democracy in all African countries. As such, it is committed to intervening directly or advocating to involve actors in the various processes of political and social change. It conducts and pilots projects to develop and involve citizens in democratic systems. Naturally, it develops strategies to monitor political leaders and ensure that they implement their actions and the fulfillment of their promises in order to encourage transparency and good governance. It is a showcase for augmented citizenship in Africa.

About the Charter Project Africa

The Charter Project Africa is a pan-African project based on the commitments contained in the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) – the African Union’s principal policy document for advancing democratic governance in African Union member states. The project promotes the use of civic technology to amplify the voice of citizens.It does this by providing financial resources, through grants, as well as technical resources, through know-how, to civic initiatives in favor of democracy, particularly those led by under-represented groups. This support is provided in eleven African Union member states – Benin, Botswana, Cabo Verde, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia – as well as at regional and continental level. The project also opens up spaces for collaboration between citizens, civic initiatives and decision-makers in the African Union, at national, regional and continental levels – with a focus on digital formats.

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