Press reviews AfricTivistes’ Taxaw Temm! Aar Sunu Bopp campaign launch

Press reviews AfricTivistes’ Taxaw Temm! Aar Sunu Bopp campaign launch

02 novembre, 2023

On Thursday August 10th, AfricTivistes launched the TaxawTemm! Aar Suñu Bopp campaign in its crusade against cyberbullying, initiated in collaboration with Internews. Media outlets presented the background to this campaign, which is part of the AfricTivistes Women Cybersecurity initiative.

“Digital technology and the accessibility of connectivity have given a boost to online gender-based violence. It’s a sad fact. From online harassment to “misogynistic” comments, types of violence that take a variety of forms are flourishing. Their negative impact on women and girls is destructive, reports the news site Seneweb.

PressAfrik and West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR) report that 65% of cyberbullying victims in Senegal are aged between 16 and 35. For its part, Jotaay asserts that far from being a marginal phenomenon happening in private, online hostility is part and parcel of gender violence, rooted in a fertile breeding ground of sexism and misogyny, according to the authors of a recent study by the Conseil du statut de la femme.

As for the event itself, Africa Globe TV reports that the campaign kicked off with a training workshop in the morning with the media and other civil society players, with the aim of tackling head-on the phenomenon that most generally affects women and children.

Seneweb reports that the event was attended by members of the Commission de Protection des Données Personnelles (CDP), a representative of the Ministère de la Femme, de la Famille et de la Protection de l’enfant, the president of the Association des Juristes Sénégalaises (AJS), activists, journalists, bloggers and civil society players.

What are the consequences of Cyber-harassment?

According to the daily L’Enquête, cyberstalking is not without consequences for its victims. “This online violence can affect the mental and physical health of victims.” From online harassment to “misogynistic comments, types of violence that take various forms, but their impact on women and girls is “profoundly destructive”, agrees PressAfrik, quoting Aisha Dabo, programmes coordinator at AfricTivistes. “The psychological and physical consequences of online violence, such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and even suicide, are evidence of the damage it can cause”, she points out.

PressAfrik goes on to warn that “Online violence, which is becoming increasingly widespread, leaves deep scars on its victims. The consequences, ranging from online harassment to sexist comments and revenge porn, not only affect the mental and physical health of individuals, but also impact on their self-confidence and participation in the professional and social sphere.”

Who is this campaign aimed at ?

Seneweb reports that AfricTivistes is inviting information technicians, journalists, bloggers, web influencers and others to join the fight against cyberbullying. Seneweb adds that the campaign targets the entire Senegalese population. Pressafrik adds that the campaign to inform and raise public awareness on online violence will run for two months.

What does the campaign involve?

Seneweb relays the words of Aïsha Dabo, explaining that “At the heart of the campaign is the desire to disseminate vital information about online gender-based violence, while highlighting human rights, tools and protection strategies”, she declared. “Testimonies from victims, statistics as well as concrete examples will be presented to illustrate the seriousness of the situation. We also aim to promote positive role models and to highlight actions of solidarity and mutual aid between women, girls and even men,” she points out.

Seneplus concludes by affirming that, in order to put an end to this scourge, the police, the justice system, parliamentarians and, of course, the general public will all be called upon to contribute to the campaign.

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