Strengthening Senegalese democracy through digital innovation and the quality of information

Strengthening Senegalese democracy through digital innovation and the quality of information

19 octobre, 2023

On 24th and 25th October 2023, a Seminar on Information and Democracy will be held in Dakar. This high-level gathering, organised by AfricTivistes, will be attended by leading figures from Senegal’s media and democracy ecosystem. For two days, these leading voices will be addressing a crucial issue for the country’s future: “Strengthening Senegalese democracy through digital innovation and the quality of information”.

Senegal’s democratic landscape, like many other African nations, is today shaped by the predominant role of information technology. Properly used, these tools have the potential to enhance access to information, improve citizen participation, support civic education and guarantee the transparency of institutions.

However, we should not deny the fact that these same technologies can also be vehicles for disinformation, threatening the privacy and sovereignty of states. So the challenge is huge: how can we make the most of the potential of digital technology, while avoiding its drawbacks ?

The Conference on Information and Democracy is a major event aimed at promoting an inclusive and responsible digital environment to strengthen democracy and citizen participation in Senegal.

Organised by AfricTivistes in partnership with the Forum on Information and Democracy and a number of key stakeholders from civil society, government, the media and the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, the conference offers a unique platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities of information management in the digital age.

A framework for exchange and innovative initiatives

The Dakar seminar has a clear objective: provide a platform to exchange and dialogue between the various key actors in Senegalese society. This is all the more important in a context where adherence to major texts such as the Malabo Convention is still slow in coming, and where inequalities in access to information persist.

The programme includes plenary sessions, round tables and interactive workshops to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and visions on a range of subjects, from the fight against misinformation to the importance of media literacy.

The seminar will also highlight innovative digital initiatives that facilitate access to information and citizen participation in Senegal. National and international experts will present case studies, research and best practices for strengthening democracy through digital innovation. The challenges of protecting human rights online, freedom of expression and access to information will be discussed.

“Authorised” speakers to set the tone

Numerous national and international experts will be invited to offer insights on issues such as the regulation of fake news systems, innovations in access to information and the protection of human rights online.

Among the guest speakers will be: Elimane Kane, President of Legs Africa, Bamba Kassé, Secretary General of the Syndicat des Professionnels de l’Information et de la Communication du Sénégal, Senghane Senghor of Raddho, Mountaga Cissé, expert on development and digital transition, Abdou Khafor Kandji of Y EN A MARRE, El Hadj Abdoulaye Seck of Amnesty International, Emmanuel Diokh, President of Internet Without borders.

On the other hand, Institutions such as Raddho, Article 19, Jonction, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the press will also attend.

The two days will be very productive, with keynote addresses, panel discussions and feedback. Special focus will be given to innovative digital initiatives that strengthen access to information and citizen participation in Senegal.

By participating in this event through our different platforms, you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the promotion of a more open, connected and democratic Senegalese society. Together, let’s help strengthen Senegalese democracy through innovation.

About AfricTivistes

AfricTivistes is a pan-African organisation that promotes democracy, good governance and human rights through digital technology and information and communication technologies, in particular through the following thematic areas: (i) good governance; (ii) transparency and accountability; (iii) participatory democracy; (iv) cybersecurity; (v) social development; (vi) the fight against corruption; and (vii) the culture of peace.

AfricTivistes advocates for a participatory democracy based on “enhanced citizenship”, by building capacity and a culture of leadership, by encouraging and propelling civic engagement among young people, and by supporting the creation and deployment of innovative projects with a strong social impact.

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