AfricTivistes launches a second citizen think tank in Benin

AfricTivistes launches a second citizen think tank in Benin

24 novembre, 2023

AfricTivistes launches its second CitizenLab on 24 November 2023 in Cotonou around the theme “Digital technology at the service of citizen participation in Benin.” AfricTivistes CitizenLab Benin is a citizens factory aimed at supporting, accompanying and equipping Beninese civil society players through training and the development of innovative platforms.

Through such a project, AfricTivistes seeks to promote civic engagement and build the capacity of civil society players in Benin in the field of participative democracy. More specifically, the objectives of the project is to prioritise the voice of young people in governance, to promote political participation and human rights among young people, to boost citizen participation and, finally, to advocate for the implementation of commitments of the Youth Democracy Cohort in relation to the Summit for Democracy.

The event will bring together the driving forces of Beninese society, including academics, media professionals, civil society players, citizens’ movements, etc.

This launch is an opportunity to invite institutional partners to facilitate access to public information and data. It is also an opportunity to encourage media partners to focus on and exploit the information that will be published as part of this project. Finally, it will be a forum for encouraging civil society organisations to take ownership of this laboratory for citizen innovation.

The day will end with the presentation of training certificates to members of the AfricTivistes CitizenLab Benin team, following a five-day training on civic engagement, online advocacy, and the design and production of value-added multimedia content. The ceremony will also be an opportunity to sign the Cotonou Declaration on Citizen Participation, officially launching the project.

This project is being implemented with the involvement and the participation of the AfricTivistes network in Benin, civil society, media players and media professionals.

It is supported by the  Youth Democracy Cohort and funded by the EU International Partnerships .

For more information, please contact :

Abdou Aziz Cisse

Coordinator de AfricTivistes Citizen Lab


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